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Download CamX - 10.10.2015

+ Beta Test Version: 1.636 (Windows XP,NT,2K VISTA and W7/W8/W10)

- x86 + x64 Versions with MIDI,Audio (ASIO and Standard Windows Audio) and VST 2.4 (VST 3 later)



Windows x86 Version (Windows 32Bit XP-W10)

CamX (Windows X86) 32+64 Bit Audio - english

CamX (Windows X86) 32+64 Bit Audio x86/SSE1 CPU ((for older CPU's without SSE2 ChipSet - english)


Windows x64 Version (Windows 64Bit+SSE2)

CamX (Windows X64) 32+64 Bit Audio english





Martin's selfmade Songs (CamX + VST,mp3)


Deep Jungle (only samples used)

City of Dust (guitar vst synth used)


Camouflage Amiga Files (1993-1998)


Copyright by Martin Endres (c)2010-15